About Me

About Me

People look at you and make instant assumptions just on what you look like on the outside without even investing the time to find out who you are on the inside, the person you truly are!

After years of being called fat, and people wanting to be friends with me because I made them look good/better, you start to believe them and what they project onto you. The last eight years have been the hugest learning curve. Today I am a transformation coach and hypnotherapist, who has learnt to heal and accepting the emotional scars was hard, but so much easier then changing the mentality of what I physically saw.


about-quoteI’d be lying if

I said my journey

achieving the


development goals

was easy.

I’d be lying if I said my journey achieving the personal development goals was easy, but change is never easy and certainly never comfortable. It’s always difficult to accept the fact that you are going against all that you have been taught, told, believed or thought. But in order to grow we need to break free of the chains we have put around ourselves and also those we allowed others to put around us…. and that is the hardest part.

If you feel it’s time to make the changes necessary in order to the live the life that you choose to, get in touch and let’s get working together on your new journey, on your new YOU.


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