I went from being overwhelmed following the breakdown of my marriage to gaining prospective, in control and better able to know where I was heading
The sessions were not about Repinder but me and what I wanted to achieve professionally, but even more importantly, personally
Confidence, self esteem and self love was missing from within me, and I am now in a place where this is back and this has enabled me to start 2017 with a brand new me


As a result of coaching with Repinder I have been able to become more organised, with a more positive outlook. Having gone through some difficult times over the years, I knew in my head what I wanted to achieve for my own personal growth. I always managed to get distracted and was conentrating on others around me rather than on myself
She as a great positive attitude and she helped me to stay focused and reach my goals



I found my sessions with Repinder enlightening. She was able to make me see my issue in a new light that I had not considered before
Her demeanour was encouraging and professional at all times
Her questions were both challenging and thought provoking
I would have no hesitation in working with Repinder again in the future


When I first met and spoke with Repinder in December 2016, I was at a very low point in my self confidence and self worth. My career had peaked pre-maternity leave and ever since I had returned to work, I felt a lot less valued and completely demoralised.

2 months after this, I got made redundant at work. Repinder helped me to find the confidence to find a new job, stay headstrong and during this time I also found out I was expecting my second child. Speaking to Repinder weekly not only allowed me to move past several difficult situations with management at work, but I came out the other side in a much better place, viewing life in a much more confident way.

During these weekly in-depth conversations, Repinder helped me see various aspects of my life from a different and much clearer perspective. For example, I learnt to realise that my resulting lack of confidence at work had seeped across to my personal life, and my inability to trust my organisation skills or ability as a mother were mainly due to the way I saw myself and not how others saw me. Goals discussed also included how I viewed my abilities in organising my life (I learnt to take control back finally, in a way that worked for ME) and realising how others view my life shouldn’t affect me.

Repinder’s manner is calm, collected, perceptive, curious, assertive but very respectful. You can tell she has a sincere interest in people and the innate desire to simply help is obvious. I am forever indepted to Repinder for her patience in helping me understand so much more about myself.


Keba McCoy

I always looked at the idea of Hypnotherapy with great skepticism. How could it be possible to loose weight via this method?
Friends had sessions to quit smoking, yet they were still lighting up frequently.

Repinder personalised the treatment and her care and attention put me at ease during the sessions.

I somehow adopted a different consistent attitude to weight loss. I ate carefully and worked out hitting the gym frequently.

All of this seemed to be done effortlessly with great focus. I’ve battled with body image for years, trimmed down and gained weight again repeatedly. I’ve lost two stone and dropped two dress sizes, which is truly remarkable. I have a love for my body I didn’t have before. Although I’m not where I want to be yet, I’m making better choices and I am very conscious of what I am consuming. With balanced eating, exercise and Repinder’s guidance I truly believe I’ve been put on the path to change. If you wish to amp your fitness level, build your confidence and create some solid training and health habits like myself. Whatever your personal weight loss goals maybe, book with Repinder.


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